Basic package:

Average expenses for mediation are € 550, of which € 50 goes to the organization where you are going to work. These expenses include:

  • Information about preparation, visa, money, traveling, etc., which we will send before you leave.
  • Someone to pick you up from the bus terminal or airport when you arrive. (Very nice when you are arriving tired!)
  • Welcome package.
  • We will arrange a nice host family or a (volunteer) house for you.
  • We will look for an interesting project/organization for you.

Other expenses depend on your personal needs. For example:

Orientation package:

  • Fact-finding day in the city where you will live.
  • We will take you to the project where you will volunteer or do your internship.

Package “Extra care”:

  • You will receive a mobile and simcard.
  • There is a Dutch-speaking contact person in Bolivia who you can reach 24/7 in case of emergency. In Brazil, someone in your host family or the project where you work is your contact person. In addition, someone in The Netherlands is available to help you in case of emergency.

Other activities that will be organised if there are other volunteers or interns working in your project.

Anyway, we make every effort to welcome you warmly.

Do you want to follow a language course in a group or private? Do you want to live in a host family or do you want to share an apartment with other volunteers/interns? When your wishes are clear to us, we will send you a detailed outline of the costs which is free of engagement, of course.

A host family in Bolivia costs between $150 and $200 per month. In Brazil, approximately $300 per month. In both countries, all meals are included. You can also share a house with others in both countries. This costs between $200 and $400 per month, depending on size and luxury.

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