There is a reason for the fact that an internship or doing research abroad looks good on your CV. It is very interesting, challenging and valuable to experience your future profession from another social and cultural context. An internship abroad can change your life. You meet new people, learn about other cultures and you make friends for life. You also learn about yourself. Broaden your horizon and gain new perspectives!

There are many possibilities for doing an internship or research in South America regardless of your studies or level (intermediate vocational education, higher professional education or higher education). For different kind of studies such as Anthropology, Marketing, Communication, ICT, Creative Therapy, technical education and more. For internships and for doing research. The internship could take place in:

  • Day-care centres where children with mental and/or physical disabilities are taken care of and being stimulated.
  • Orphanages .
  • Schools.
  • (Psychiatric) hospitals.
  • A shelter where children that have suffered burns are treated.
  • An organisation which supports ‘multi-problem’ families.
  • A foundation that uses theater as a therapy to enhance the social-emotional development of children.
  • There are projects on nature and horticulture where you can work.
  • People experienced in marketing, economics and coordination are highly valued.
  • There are a lot of possibilities for people with a technical background such as experts in software/ICT.
  • Also needed are the people who are beasts in promotion activities and have expertise on social media.
  • Furthermore, there are possibilities for people with experience in hotel management and organization of events.
  • Physical therapists are needed as well.

Sustainability is always a key point for us. This does not only mean taking care of nature and environment, but also considering the impact of projects on people. How can we stimulate development and independence on a short and a long term? We believe that helping kids and youngsters to get some perspective will help. Moreover, we intent to provide care and service in a way that has a long lasting effect. In order to secure an actual change in the lives of the kids and their environment we focus on long term goals. We make sure that our care and services are of high quality.

We will choose an appropriate and interesting project together with you, depending on your study, interests and what you want to learn. In Bolivia, we offer Dutch-speaking supervision. Laurie is highly experienced in coaching students and holds a Master’s degree.