Activities & excursions

Do you like dancing? Join the club! South America is known for its up-tempo music, and it is said that the inhabitants learned to dance even before they could talk. The continent is extremely diverse in cultural background, customs and nature.

Zuid Amerika, Bolivia

In Bolivia as well as in Brazil it is possible to get the hang of typical South American dances like salsa and samba quickly. You will be hooked.

But there are many other activities for which we can mediate, such as surfing and diving lessons (mostly in Brazil). You can also go hiking, canoeing, biking, climbing and more.

There is much to see and discover in both countries. We will give you a first introduction to our home city: Cochabamba. The city pretty much drowns with squares, monuments and palaces (literally, because rain season can be a real ‘lástima’). Examples include the Palacio Portales and Plaza Colón. La Cancha is the biggest market in South America and close to the city you will find stunning nature in Torotoro National Park and the Amboró National Park.

Belo Horizonte has nature and culture as well. And history. The oldest bar in the city is open since 1898, and close to Belo Horizonte is the former capital of the Mina Gerais state: Ouro Preto, meaning black gold. This gold diggers place was the biggest city of America in 1730. Inhotim contemporary art museum holds the best collection in Brazil. And of course Sao Paolo, the biggest city in Brazil. With all the diversity in people and attractions you’ll expect to find in such a huge place, and so much art and culture as well.

We’ll give you advice on everything you want to know and we can get you in contact with good and reliable guides for exciting excursions. Just tell us what’s on your mind.


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