Yeah, Bolivia! We are in love with this fantastic country. Wonder why?

In the heart of South America lies one of the most diverse countries in the world: Bolivia. Although the country’s economic Bolivia, volunteeringsituation is one of the least developed on the continent, the country has one of the richest culture and nature. The largest part of Bolivia’s authentic indigenous culture is still preserved due to the location of the country.
The official language in Bolivia is Spanish and the Bolivian currency is the Boliviano.

Sceneries in Bolivia are unspoilt and very diverse: from snow-clad mountains, salt deserts, humid valleys, to tropical rain forests. There is so much to see and experience. A few possibilities are sailing across Lake Titicaca, going on anaconda hunts in the jungle or visiting Salar de Uyuni, world’s largest salt flats.

All the special projects in Bolivia for which Beyond South America mediates are located in Cochabamba. Cochabamba is Bolivia’s third largest city and has more than a million inhabitants. The city is situated in a valley in the Andes. Cochabamba is also called ‘the city of the everlasting spring’ due to its pleasant weather. Lovely, isn’t it?

Furthermore, it is claimed that Cochabamba is one of the most liberal cities of the country. There are several universities and there is a dazzling nightlife for students. The restaurants not only serve delicious local dishes, but also Western food.

Zuid Amerika, BoliviaLa Cancha, the largest open air market in South America, takes place in Cochabamba. Everything you can think of is sold here. This makes a visit to this market really worthy of your time. The city has an airport and an (international) bus terminal.

Experience Cochabamba together with us!